"Her voice brings Lucinda Williams’ to mind — that Southern timbre and boozy drawl — yet Beaudoin’s range is wider. At times as delicate as glass, it can swell and swoop into high-lonesome yodel range with ease, fall back and land flat on a dime... "  The Bollard 

"Fresh off the release of a new EP, this indie-folk-rock quartet is subtle and good. Have an ear out for our favorite track,“Kansas” — Genevieve Beaudoin’s vocals shine the most here, and the melancholic guitar work pleasantly builds up across the five-minute runtime."  Portland Phoenix



Dec 14 (FRI) @ Wooden Panel (house show) / Northampton, MA / 9pm

Dec 20 (Thur) @ Tralfamadore / Philadelphia, PA / 8pm

Dec 21 (Fri) @ Sofar Sounds / Brooklyn, NY / 8pm

Dec 22 (Sat) @ The Collaborative / Warren, RI / 8pm

Dec 23 (Sun) / Stella Blues / New Haven, CT / 9pm

Dec 29 (Sat) @ LBC / Lubec, ME / 7pm

Jan 6 (Sun) @ The Apohadion Theater / Portland, ME / 8pm

Jan 19 (Sat) @ Sun Tiki Studios / Portland, ME / 8pm



Dead Gowns is a newer project from portland, maine. after collecting ourselves in the winter of 2018, we released our first ep this past july. pulling on folk, garage, and soft rock tendencies, it's music in the raw & tender.


vocals,guitar/ gv
guitar,vocals/ luke
bass/ alex
drums/ ivan